Warehouse & Inventory Management

More than Just Storage

When you don't have storage space for your trade show exhibits, you need a company you can count on to keep your exhibit pieces safe when they aren't in use. Our warehouse staff will work hard to keep every piece of your exhibit in peak condition so you don't need to worry about whether any aspect needs repair or replacement as you plan your next trade show. In addition to making sure your pieces are stored properly, we also provide additional services to ensure your next show goes off without a hitch, including previewing your trade show exhibit and training your staff to assemble the exhibit properly and safely.

Inventory Management System

Last Minute Changes

We can also help you with graphic upgrades up to the last minute and include your corporate giveaways when we ship your exhibit pieces to the location of your next trade show. Our warehouse staff handles all the details of shipping your exhibit, including the ability to track your shipment any time of the day or night. You never have to wonder where your shipment is.

We inspect and repair your trade show exhibit when it comes back
to our facility before putting it in storage so you can be confident your exhibits are in always in peak condition and ready when you are.

After The Show

After the trade show, our maintenance staff will be able to inspect your exhibit pieces for damage and excessive wear so they can be repaired before storage. We will repair both hardware and graphic damage, ensuring your displays last for as long as you need them. Because we make the repairs when your displays return to our storage facility, you won't need to worry about taking enough time to complete these repairs before your next trade show.

With our tracking and logs you will always know where your exhibits are located.

At Exhibit Options, you can feel confident your exhibit displays will be handled with the utmost care. If you ever need to access your displays for any reason, you will be able to access your inventory or show materials at any time. With our tracking and logs, you will always know where your exhibits are located and what you have.

Exhibit Options